Chain Systems 10 mm, grade 80 - and disassembly - safety coefficient 4:1

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10 mm chains for lifting loads GRADE 80, different chain systems for lifting loads.

– The chain systems are manufactured in 10 mm chains, depending on the lengths and branches required for the work to be done.

  • 1 ramal 3 TN
  • 2 ramales 4,25 TN
  • 3 y 4 ramales 6,7 TN

–  Different hook options, standard they are supplied with a safety hook.

10 mm chains for lifting of high quality and guaranteed resistance, used for more than 20 years in different jobs of all kinds:

– Construction, industry and similar where resistance and durability of the product is required in demanding working conditions.

Note: the breakage videos of the system components are internal tests carried out in the company and are not part of the official product certificate.

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